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Monk parakeets have been flying, nesting, squawking and breeding in the Fairfield County area since 1971. They were first spotted in the St. Mary's By-The-Sea area of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Now, they're living all along the Connecticut shoreline.


Monk parakeets (also known as Quaker parakeets) were brought to this country as very inexpensive avian pets. As owners of these birds tired of them they turned them loose to fly free. Many of these parrots survived and began nesting. The northeast region has been home to many colonies for 30 years.

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Monk parakeets are a South American native. In their home range (especially Argentina) they're considered a pest bird. Argentina began exporting their pests to America in the late 60's. Americans purchased the inexpensive birds as pets. Monks are a loud, aggressive, cockatiel-sized parrot. Because these birds were captured from the wild before being brought to America, they did not make good pets. As a result, their owners freed them.


You can find monk parakeets living in the wild in Connecticut at the Beardsley Zoo, Fairfield University, Bridgeport University, St. Mary's By-the-Sea, the Shakespeare Theatre, and Compo Beach.





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